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Welcome To Dangerzone!

Aurelian Solutions is all about the games that push you up in the danger zone. A game about finding yourself in danger is what you thinks and we protect the way you look into the games, Thats why we create games thats sets fits in your mind and when you play the game its like BOOOM! We are creating games for you with the motive "Bringing The Game". We take care of the motive and you just have to keep playing game to make yourself prepare for the challenges coming all along the game till it ends.

Watch And Learn!



All our games are designed and developed to make sure that anyone can enjoy this epic games. So with even very low specs you can still play our games

To develop intrest or to add a sharing material in the game we setup a function of Trophies. So, you can share the best of your from the game

All our games are full of achievements you have to achieve or the achievements waiting for you.

Aurelian Solutions

Our goal is to develop exceptionally entertaining games. We believe in presenting high-quality, engaging, and innovative features in our games to be the best in the gaming industry.

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