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About Us

The story so far

Ever since Aurelian Solutions got its feet on the ground in February 2021, its guiding purpose has been to develop high-quality games with unique features that will bring fantasy and reality in tune.


To be the best #1 gaming company in the world.


To create a strong influence in guiding the gaming industry to the top of entertainment.


Our Mission is to create high quality, engaging, entertaining, and unique games for all platforms to provide an outstanding user experience and to enable talent in reaching their full potential through innovative tools and technology to lead and transform the gaming industry in all aspects.


Our core values are the essential beliefs that are important to us and guide our behavior and actions at all times. They are timeless and enduring guiding principles that require no exception or justifications. They hold value to Aurelian Solutions and all its employees and customers.


Respect guides us in our daily interactions. We encourage our team to express their opinions. We strive to create a culture where employees are heard and valued for their ideas. It helps us to move forward in a healthy work environment.



We push our team to work collectively without losing their individuality. Through honest communication we build trust and share knowledge to achieve our common goal. Collaboration is the key element to get our team aligned.



We inspire novel ideas in our team that bring originality in our work. This fuels innovation and challenges our way of thinking that ultimately leads to big ideas. Such experiments fully stimulate the team and enable them to be at their creative best.



We generate excitement through passion for what we do. With passion we nurture ideas, inspire excellence and find creative ways to eliminate obstacles. Our passion for our core purpose gives us courage to reach beyond our comfort zone.



Integrity is the foundation of our organization. We are admired for our commitment to honesty and trustworthiness. We do the right thing, even when no one is watching. We do the right thing, even if it’s the hardest thing to do.



There is a highly competitive global environment in the gaming industry. This is a pressing challenge for countries like Pakistan, where technology has hindered the upgradation of the gaming industry. Pakistan is not just facing a lack of advancement in technology but also experiencing unemployment and lack of innovation. Lack of innovation has led to the downfall of gaming industry especially of high-quality games. High-quality games are still rare occurence in Pakistan due to primitive technology and conventional use of resources.

Therefore, it is desperately needed to overcome this barrier without wasting further time. Aurelian Solutions is determined to put all its efforts to innovate high-quality games through advancement in technology with judicious use of resources. Aurelian Solutions is more than ready to provide opportunities to those who are passionate and want to bring novelty to the gaming industry.

We believe in empowering our talent to develop entertaining and engaging games. We have built a learning environment where people are encouraged to explore new and emerging trends in the gaming industry. We do not just focus on developing high-quality games but we also believe in developing our employees as they are our biggest asset and true partners in our vision. With passion, integrity and innovation, we put forward selfless devotion to our profession that leads us to present outstanding and exceptional games for you.

Mr. Saif Ullah Siddique
CEO Aurelian Solutions
Aurelian Solutions

Our goal is to develop exceptionally entertaining games. We believe in presenting high-quality, engaging, and innovative features in our games to be the best in the gaming industry.

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